Wednesday, April 14, 2010

MIA oats?

You may have noticed a startling lack of oats in my diet lately.  I didn't even have oats on my birthday!  WHAT IS GOING ON?!?!

Part of it has been laziness or time, where I haven't had 30 minutes to cook my breakfast.  And part of it has been an abundance of produce (a good thing!) which meant I've been eating more green smoothies or wraps at breakfast or lunch.
Today's breakfast wrap: the last of the edamame hummus (sad!!!), romaine, spinach, cucumber, an easter egg, and a side of toms.

Delicious and filling!  Don't worry, I still love oats, but might mix it up more in the summer, when hot cereal isn't quite as great as it is in the winter.

That run earlier?  It didn't happen.  I got the house cleaned up (somewhat) instead, wrote thank you notes, visited the post office (to mail back my Brooks so I can get my free ones!), and got tax stuff organized so we could knock it all out today.

How early did you do your taxes?  Did you wait until last minute like us?  :)

I'm off to my massage!!!


  1. massage?! do tell - sounds lovely!

  2. Wait on taxes??? NOOOOO!!! Brian and I had our refund back in late January or early February!


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