Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Post-massage super relaxed.
Yeah, that one eye really struggled to get fully open.

After the massage I accompanied my mother-in-law to the local market, where I picked up some sweet smelling soap!

Earlier today Richele's kindergarteners surprised me with a birthday book and a cookie!
It had 19 pages of kids' drawings and writings.  Adorable.

Tonight Dave and I feasted on leftover baby shower broccoli, roasted in olive oil and garlic salt.
And a wedge of pizza on there, for Dave.  Roasted broccoli is going to repeated in this house, let me tell you!

We're off to finish taxes... the job that never ends!

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  1. The roasted broccoli looks delish; it's amazing to me how filling green veggies are, that you can eat a bunch of them w/ some EVOO for dinner and feel full! (I especially love when asparagus is on sale; steam a half-pound in the microwave and somehow it comes out really well.) I may stop by the Paynes' on Friday evening to drop off something for the BRIDE :-); hopefully I can see you. I can't even think of when I saw you last, Kim!


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