Monday, April 5, 2010

happy april!

I've returned!!  Our internet went out this weekend and that, combined with Easter festivities and a bridal shower, meant I didn't have time to go anywhere to get online.

We had a wonderful Easter weekend - saw my aunt and uncle and cousins down in Fort Wayne and got to go to an IPFW v. Penn State men's volleyball game.  Crazy how hard they can drill that ball!  Then Saturday I had a bridal shower for a friend and Sunday we had church and an Easter cookout with Dave's family, complete with egg dyeing and a tiny egg hunt for little Lydia.  

Through all of that I have a big picture FAIL.  

Still to come today or tomorrow: recipe and pictures of the quinoa salad I made for Easter lunch, a foot update, and more!  But I have to run off to an office meeting now and a dentist appointment this afternoon.  I love going to the dentist (seriously)!  

How was your Easter weekend?


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