Monday, April 5, 2010

marathon training, amended

Given recent foot issues that have persisted despite new running shoes, I've decided to amend my marathon training schedule.  My foot does feel a little better in the new shoes (I'm one run in), but I'm still having some stiffness/achiness/swelling going on that isn't normal.  So until my foot is back to feeling better I'm going to change my running schedule to something like this:

Monday: swimming
Tuesday: swimming
Wednesday: 10-12 mile run
Thursday: rest or bike/walk
Friday: rest or bike/walk
Saturday: long run (per schedule)
Sunday: rest

I'm hoping this will keep me active enough, keep my mileage decent, but still give my foot good rest time in between runs.  I'm planning on playing this by ear - if I have a longer 20 mile run on Saturday and need to take off the following Wednesday run, I will.  But this is the plan, for now.

Luckily my sister-in-law is not so lax in picture-taking as I am.  A few Easter pictures I stole from her.  Dave and I, enjoying the sunshine!
Lydia would burst out laughing when we put her hat on Zoe.
Lydia and Zoe.
Dave even took a short video with his iphone while we were hanging outside, playing cornhole, watching Lydia run around, and enjoying the sun.
And a picture my cousin sent me from Friday night.  Dave with the IPFW mascot mastadon, and my cousin Andrew.
More to come tomorrow, including the delicious quinoa recipe!!  Happy Monday!


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