Thursday, April 1, 2010

mmmm SYRUP

Last night we had friends over for dinner.  Since they have kids - Calista (5) and Ana (3) - we decided breakfast for dinner would be a good move.  I found a recipe for oatmeal flaxseed pancakes and we scrambled eggs and had cantaloupe and apples.  The pancakes were really dense - I had 2 and they actually filled me up!  In the end we only had 3 leftover pancakes, no eggs, and no more fruit.  So I think dinner was a success?  That and Ana ate 3 pancakes (more than any of us except her dad - she tied him) and would chirp at random intervals during dinner "mmmmm SYRUP!"  After dinner we played Chutes and Ladders and CandyLand.  We had so much fun!  Calista and Ana are such well-behaved little girls, very intelligent, and not intimidated by adults.  We really like hanging out with them.

My first date with my new shoes last night didn't go quite as planned (kind of like my friend Nicole's first date with her now-husband where she ended up puking at the restaurant and having to go to the ER...).  I ran about a mile.  On Saturday during my long run I tweaked the muscle in my high inner thigh (groin/thigh... throin?).  Yesterday I could still feel it as I ran and I decided to not push it (and then ruin the rest of my runs this week).  So instead I enjoyed the gorgeous sun and had a nice walk home.  The shoes felt good though!

Fingers crossed that this morning's run goes well!  Then baby day, a stroller sun walk, and who knows what else!

March run total: 134 miles
swim total: 10 miles


  1. hi, kinkers. I just gawked at your running/swim totals for the month. you're a rockstar. for sure.

    glad the new shoes are treating you well. I've been taping my ankle and doing tempo runs in my Glycerin 7s. they are much more cushion-y so far. sometimes, I feel like the bones in my heels are really sharp, and I wonder about heel spurs. have you ever had those?

  2. ha ha ha...I'm in the blog!!! :)


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