Wednesday, April 21, 2010


After being gone from home from essentially Thursday evening until last night, I am declaring today No Pressure Day in order to regain some mental health and energy!  I got up at 5 this morning with Dave in order to reestablish routine and normalcy.  I had some Cheerios, read some Harry Potter (I'm rereading the 7th book), and ate some leftover cabbage/onion/red pepper in soy sauce with a hardboiled egg chopped on top.  Strange?  It was delicious!  I'm on a veggies-for-breakfast kick, clearly (it keeps me full for a loooong time).  I doctored up the edamame hummus (added lemon juice, garlic salt, and olive oil) - we'll see later if it actually added anything?  I skipped my run.  I might go later, I might not.  It's a No Pressure Day!  I am going to go grocery shopping and to the mall to use two birthday gift cards at JCPenneys and Foot Locker.  I'm going to Richele's classroom to see the kiddies.  And I'm going to take a walk to the co-op to buy peanuts and then make Dave more peanut butter granola.  I'd like to sweeper the house and maybe clean the bathrooms.

I'm going to enjoy alone time and mental space, be productive, and revel in being at home again!

Do you take No Pressure or mental health days?  What does a No Pressure Day look like for you?

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  1. No Pressure days are absolutely justifiable! I skipped my poetry workshop last week because it was just getting to me and I needed space to remind myself why I love poetry and why I am here.

    I hope you enjoy your day!


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