Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Today's No Pressure Day has been just what I've needed!

This morning I hit up JCP and got a shirt (in navy, and with a better price) and a running skirt.  Then I grocery shopped and got a bunch of fresh produce and some recipe essentials.  I saw the kindergarteners at Richele's, sweepered the house, shook out the rugs, put vinegar and rinse water through the coffee maker, boiled black beans for dinner tonight, and mopped the kitchen and bathroom floors with vinegar and lemon juice.  The nasty after-water:
That is sick.  Also sick: how long it's been since I've mopped the floors.  Let's not talk about it.  If we had a washer/dryer I would totally wash all the curtains and sheets right now.  I'm in the zone.

All that and I still had time for a little reading and a little of this deliciousness:
You knew that was coming, right?  (That's nutritional yeast on top - which totally makes this "healthy.")  I'm re-reading the 7th Harry Potter book... it's highly addicting, as all of them are.

I'm off to clean the bathroom!  Then all my to-do's will be done!!


  1. Way to go babe! Glad it's been a great day :)

  2. i love when you can get "into the zone" while cleaning and you just go to town. i did that on sunday: laundry, cooking/baking, switched my seasonal wardrobes in dresser, ran errands.


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