Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Last night I hit up Old Navy and scored this skirt for $1.26!!
(I took these pictures with my phone in my car on lunch break.)

Old Navy and Target were both giving out free tote bags for Earth Week.  Score!
I have another free Old Navy tote I use for grocery shopping - it's really sturdy!  Reusable grocery bags make me really excited.  AND I've trained myself to remember them when I go to the store!

I spent some birthday money at Walmart buying two new Danskin running shirts.
I'll definitely be visible in those fun colors!  (Side note: I tried on a pair of purple spandex workout capris at Old Navy last night - about that same color purple.  I can't even tell you how heinous they looked.  If they had been $1.26, too, I would have bought them just for fun.  But they were $5.99.  Not worth it.)

More birthday shopping to come?  JCPenney is having their B1G1 $.88 sale... I love that sale.  And I could use a few more spring/summer shirts or skirts that could be casual or for work!  I also have some Barnes and Noble gift cards - book suggestions??


  1. i'd recommend saving the tags for those tanks till you decide if you like them. i have two of them (gray and pink!) but can't wear them to run because they rub the hell out of my arm like no other shirts do. they're great for yoga, though.

  2. The Furious Longing of God by Manning Staying True by Sandford Martha Stewart Magazine :) It IS poetry month . . . some T.S. Eliot perhaps? or Good Poems by Keillor

  3. * A Severe Mercy by Vanauken MUST get. *


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