Monday, May 31, 2010

salsa and sweat

After church yesterday Dave and I went out to eat with some friends, to celebrate a birthday.  We went to Hacienda, where I scarfed chips and salsa like they were my last meal.  I love Hacienda's salsa - it's pureed smooth and it tastes almost like tomato paste (some might call this bland).  I just love how tomato-ey it is!  Dave and I split the black bean wet burrito, which is my favorite.  We got the regular size which, no joke, came on a PLATTER.  How is one person supposed to eat that???

Dave and I spent some time at the park yesterday, reading and eating banana soft serve ice cream.  Me in the sun, Dave in the shade (but still side by side).  It was a little hot.
I'm not sure if you can fully tell how sweaty I was.  Really really sweaty.  And this was only after 30 minutes.  (Like my rockin' farmer's tan?)  I actually had to shower again when we got home.  Classy.

The rest of our day was equally lazy, reading books/magazines, watching Twister, eating edamame and popcorn.  I love long lazy weekends!

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