Monday, June 21, 2010

catching up

**Please note that I left out the worcestershire sauce in the humble joes recipe.  It's been updated!**

I'm at the library this morning, catching up on work and personal emails and trying to get a handle on what I've missed the past week or so!  We're planning a blitz on the crazy overgrown hedgerow this afternoon, with help from Dave's dad and our two brother-in-laws... and three Amish men Dave's dad hired.  This hedgerow is nuts (I'll try to post pictures later) - maple tree seedlings that were never pulled up are now about 10 feet tall, a grapevine is tangled up in everything, and the hedges are so overgrown you can't walk on the sidewalk... hence the hired help.

Mosie is back to normal - whining for attention and play time and being a stinker.  We love having her comfortable in the house - she's even got over her fear of the creaking stairs.  But the windows present a problem for Mosie - she hates when we go out on the porch and she can see us but not get to us!
We've enjoyed a little bit of porch time and are looking forward to more - reading, talking, hanging out with friends.
And as promised - Ben and Richele's wedding!  Me and the gorgeous bride and some of the bridesmaids:
Check out these amazing decorations!  This was over the head table.
 See the lanterns hanging from the twigs?
 The happy couple:
Decorations not pictured: old windows hanging on the walls with their engagement pictures, paper luminaries creating a path to the sanctuary, an antique table for the unity candle ceremony, lanterns flanking the aisle, pears cut to hold the menu cards, and the tiny jars of Amish peanut butter for wedding favors!  It was so detailed and beautiful!


  1. i love richelle's craftyness! do you have any furniture on your porch or is that on your wish list? i think you need some rocking chairs and a porch swing!

  2. Sounds like a fun wedding and that you're enjoying your new place. :-)

  3. totally lovin the colors in that wedding


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