Sunday, June 20, 2010

humble joes

Hello again!  We should have internet again at our house on Wednesday, but til then my posts might continue to be sporadic.  Dave and I are at Starbucks right now, reading, catching up on emails, and hanging out.  And eating a little dark chocolate.  Perfect.

I tried my hand at these "snobby joes" last week, with a few modifications given what we had on hand.  And by a few modifications I mean that I basically used that recipe as a guideline and then made up my own.  The result was pretty delicious if you ask me.  I enjoyed eating the filling at breakfast, sans bread.  It was so warm and filling!

Humble Joes
1c. uncooked lentils
4c. water
1 onion, chopped
3 cloves garlic, pressed
12oz. can tomato sauce
8oz. can tomato paste
1/3c. barbecue sauce
1T. mustard
1t. dry mustard
1T. oregano
1t. salt
1c. cooked kidney beans or black beans, or a mix of the two
2T. worcestershire sauce

Combine water and lentils in a pot and bring to a boil.  Reduce heat and simmer for 30 minutes, or until lentils are tender.  While lentils are simmering saute the onion and garlic until soft.  When lentils are tender drain any remaining water.  Return the lentils to the pot and add the remaining ingredients.  Heat through for at least 10 minutes, allowing flavors to meld.  Serve over bread or eat solo!

In the future I would like to try these with more veggies - maybe some diced carrots and peppers?  It's a quick meal to make for sure!
Sadly, that's the only picture I have on my computer, as I forgot to transfer the other pictures on the camera to the computer before we came to Starbucks.  Future posts might show some of the wedding festivities from this weekend (seriously had some of the most beautiful decorations) and more of the house... although it's still in a state of disarray!  We have yet to find any satisfactory furniture!

Running this week has been l-a-m-e.  After moving on Monday/Tuesday I was sore and tired.  Then Thursday when Dave and I tried to go for a run my right thigh muscle felt tight and painful, so I stopped.  Today I ran for the first time in a week!  While technically I'm in training for the September marathon, I'm not worried about getting off course.  I think this week was good for me to lay low considering we were still doing a lot of activity, out of whack schedules and sleep patterns, and just the high emotion/stress of the week with keeping organized and being excited and overwhelmed with house stuff.  I plan on jumping right back into running and the training plan this week!

Happy Sunday!


  1. thanks for sharing the recipe!

  2. Glad you enjoyed the snobby joes! My mom and I really like them, but my dad won't eat lentils. :-)

  3. Yippee!!! Can't wait to read/see more of your current life:) p.s. you were super fun this weekend...why weren't we friends at IWU? bummer

  4. I think it is good you "rested" (from running anyway) for a week too. I bet your body will appreciate it.

    I will have to try that recipe! Did you use regular worcestershire sauce? (the kind with anchovies in it?)


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