Wednesday, June 16, 2010


It's been a lot of firsts in the new house!

First meal: pizza, on the floor, with our fellow movers
First overnight: on an air mattress on the floor
First time using the oven: to cook a casserole Dave's mom made for us, then to roast veggies this morning for breakfast
First time parking in the garage: HOORAY!
First time bringing Mosie into the house:
This has been a loooong process.  Mosie is not so brave about new places and has been really freaked out by all the new space (despite us closing off a lot of the rooms).  Today we finally got her to go up and down the stairs on her own - that only took about an hour worth of us sitting on the stairs, coaxing her down.  In the beginning she just kept hiding in corners, under dressers, by the radiators.

We also had the first bit of yardwork to tackle.  Our backyard is pretty small but is really overgrown.  I should have taken before/after pictures, but we filled the back of the pickup truck after only an hour and a half of cutting, chainsawing, raking, and yanking (crazy insane grape vines).
Bruce (our brother-in-law) packing it down.
Dave and I raking up the alley.
There's still more to be done, especially along the side of the house, but this gave us a good head start, and made everything a little brighter and fresher looking in the backyard.  Thank goodness we had Julie and Bruce to help us, and their lawn tools and pickup truck to get the job done!

Today we did a little furniture shopping.  So far we just have ideas, but no purchases.  Although Dave thinks this chair would be perfect for Mosie for the front porch.

Unpacking has been somewhat scattered.  The kitchen is entirely unpacked, but the rest is in limbo until we figure out furniture a little more.  I did wash and iron a lot of the curtains and rehang them.  It hardly seems like priority, but it was a fun excuse to use the washer.  I love having a washer/dryer.

That's all for now!  Our internet should be hooked up on Monday... til then, I'll post when I can.

Oh, and running?  Hasn't happened yet this week.  My whole body feels a little heavy from all the moving/cleaning, so I'm taking another rest day.  I'll be back at it soon.


  1. I'm sure youre getting a great workout from all the moving/cleaning!

  2. Poor Mosie! We talk about moving too, but I wonder how our cat would react. Ha. Love that little chair.

  3. Mosie is so precious. She just looks confused haha.

    I can't wait to see the house, we need to come visit you guys! It seems like everything is coming together.


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