Tuesday, June 22, 2010

the hedges

I mentioned yesterday that we were going to attack our hedges with a team of people.  Unfortunately, I never got "before" pictures since the guys arrived a little early and jumped right in, before I could even get on shoes and start taking pictures!  I had to quick finish up the peanut butter granola so I could get out there!

Between me, Dave, Dave's dad, our two brother-in-laws, and the two Amish men (and their 10 year old son) we cleared A LOT of brush.  I'm talking crazy amounts.  The guys whacked away at the crazy overgrown hedges, pulling down maple trees, yanking out grapevine, and trimming it all.  In the end we had a usable sidewalk, a pile of brush 4 feet high and running the entire length of the house, and two sets of neatly trimmed hedges.  The first row of hedges, which separates our front yard from the sidewalk, just needed to be trimmed up.  They came out looking sharp!
The second set of hedges runs along the side of our fence.  These hedges were a mess.  Grapevine had knotted and woven itself through them and maple seeds had sprouted and grown 12-feet tall.  The hedges themselves were either wild and overgrown or completely choked out by trees and vine.  We pulled out all the vine and cut down the maples, then trimmed up the hedges.  The result was a rather patchy and ugly looking hedgerow.  We're going to leave it for a year and see if the bushes grow back.  If not, next spring or summer we'll take them all out and replant.  So for now the hedges are cut, but not necessarily pretty.  Still, it's better than what it was!  This view is from across the street - see how sparse some of the bushes are?  And how big the brush pile is?  That's only part of it!
More brush and hedges.
We were SO grateful for the help from our family in this project!  There is no way Dave and I could have done it on our own, and the guys were so quick and efficient.  Our family here has just been amazing during the moving process - helping us with yardwork, hauling boxes, letting us use their van and pickup... we don't know how we would have done it without them!

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