Thursday, June 3, 2010

it's a miracle

Yesterday I went through some of my old books and decided to - gasp! - get rid of some of them.  I was an English/Writing major in college, so this is actually quite a big deal for me to be parting with books.  However, when it came down to it, I knew these were books I just wasn't going to read again... so why keep them?  I've contacted one of my old professors to see if there are ever any kids in need who can't afford books (several of these are from college classes - Sentence Strategies, Brit Lit, Writing for Children, etc.).  Otherwise, to Goodwill they go!
I actually really love cleaning stuff out and getting rid of it - I can get on a total cleaning spree and looove the feeling of empty spaces and tossing junk (actually giving it to Goodwill, in most cases).  Growing up I used to be a pack-rat and kept all kinds of stuff.  I shared a room with my sister, Jill, who is super organized and clean, and she used to make me go through stuff in the closet and get rid of stuff.  She would limit me to one shoe-box full of "junk."  At the time it was hard and sometimes frustrating for me, but now I'm more like her in that respect - the less to keep for clutter, the better!  (Thanks, Jilly!)

Are you a pack-rat?


  1. how was Date NIght? winner?

    and I'm totally with you on the book-tossing. I've been doing much of the same! Got rid of Eats, Shoots & Leaves (shhh!), Will in the World (haha, remember that one?), a handful of MLA stylebooks, and some anthologies. it's vry therapeutic, no?!

  2. not only did you get one shoebox full of junk, but you also kept that nasty old cast from your broken arm!!!!


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