Friday, June 25, 2010

pizza pie!

Dave and I are becoming excellent yardworkers.  Yesterday we spent a couple hours over at Jeremy and Erin's (Talia's parents!) helping them chop up their tree that got felled in the storm.  And by "tree" I mean a seven-foot-around-the-base behemoth.  That sucker was BIG.  Luckily their house was fine, but their fence got torn up and their backyard was pretty much one giant tree fort (which was actually kind of awesome).  Apparently a funnel cloud passed over their house, causing the damage.  I ran on the block behind their house this morning and I'm pretty sure every house on the block had at least one tree down in their yard.  It was crazy!!!

Oh and my run this morning?  Glorious!  We slept on a mattress last night!  WOOHOO!  I got in just under 16 miles, which puts me right back on track for marathon training.  Yes!

The mattress came about because Dave and I finally have some furniture!  Our former landlady ended up selling us some of her beautiful antiques!  We're so excited to have the gorgeous pieces in our home.  I'll post pictures when I have them all cleaned up and rooms more assembled.  Wait for it!  The mattress Dave and I are using actually goes to the guest bed.  We're going to be buying our own mattress in the future - when we have time to get to a store to try some out!

After the yardwork and before our late-night furniture loading we had pizza pie!  I had some leftover tomato sauce in the fridge to use up and came up with a deep dish pizza pie.  I made a scone wheat crust and pressed it into a casserole dish
then made a filling of kidney beans, tomato sauce, spices, onion, and garlic.  
Covered it with cheese and baked it!  Delicious!
 And finished it off with peanut butter granola and chocolate chips.
 We're still working on getting internet at the house set up, so we're at the library again!  Heading home for leftovers soon, then heading to Fort Wayne.  Tomorrow is a surprise - but it's something fun and it's about Dave!


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