Saturday, June 5, 2010


In the car on the way home Dave gave me my marathon "reward" - chocolate covered sunflower seeds!
Enjoyed while we watched The Legend of Zorro - Catherine Z.J. is being sneaky with a lock back there.  Popcorn might have shown up.  I needed to replenish the salt I lost in all the sweating.  Also peaches and strawberries, and banana "ice cream."  And a lot of water.  My appetite hasn't been more than normal today, but generally after long runs the day after is when I eat more.

We also watched Mosie change sleep positions about 8 different times.  We never get tired of watching her.  Yes, we dote.  We know.
For dinner I made curry quinoa soup.  It didn't turn out super flavorful, but the warmth and comfort of quinoa, kidney beans, broccoli, and curry broth was wonderful!

So far my legs feel only mildly sore, so I think I'll be able to get back running shortly.  Good thing - training has already started for the Presque Isle Marathon that Kelly and I are doing in September!

We're off to a graduation party!  You can check out my marathon recap here!


  1. Ooh, curry quinoa? That sounds amazing! Is the curry broth something you buy already prepared?

  2. congrats on finishing the marathon! I know it didn't go how you planned, but you still beat your old time, and finished (!!!). YAYYY! (:


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