Sunday, June 6, 2010

Dave's delight

If fresh, hot, free donuts are Dave's idea of heaven, then rhubarb crisp comes in at a close second.  Lucky for him, Amanda made us a pan of it!
Even though we'd just had some desserts at the graduation party, we couldn't help but enjoy small bowls of it with vanilla ice cream!  One happy boy:
This crisp was sooo delicious!  And Amanda was gracious enough to give the recipe!

Amanda's Rhubarb Crisp
Mix until crumbly:
1c. flour
3/4c. rolled oats
1c. brown sugar
1/2c. melted butter
1t. cinnamon

4c. diced rhubarb

Combine on stovetop and cook until thick and clear:
1c. sugar
2T. cornstarch
1c. water
1t. vanilla

Press 1/2 of crumbs into a greased 9in. pan.  Cover with rhubarb.  Pour the sugar mixture over the rhubarb.  Top with remaining crumbs.  Bake at 350 for 1 hour.

My legs are feeling pretty good today - a little soreness in the muscles around my ankles - but I might go for a short run this morning to shake them out.  Thanks for all your encouragement post-race!  Initially I just felt really frustrated that my training - which had gone so well - ended in such a way.  But I do know that during the race I gave it my all, and that I have many more races in the future!  This race was a good lesson for me in pushing through, because while I had mentally prepared myself to push through exhaustion to keep running, I wasn't ready to have to push through exhaustion just to keep walking.  I love running for how it pushes me, and this was just a new angle to that!

What have you learned from running/racing/competing in a sport?

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  1. The race sounded brutal, Kim! Congrats on getting through it! The rhubarb crisp sounds delicious. I haven't had rhubarb in forever, but I love it.


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