Sunday, June 13, 2010

things to do

I ran a couple errands this afternoon to knock out a few more things for the week:

New black peep-toe shoes for Richele's wedding this Saturday.  (Payless!)
Cheese plate for a friend's graduation party.
Our house is currently a disaster zone of furniture and boxes.  The apartment came furnished, but we moved some of the furniture to the attic because we didn't like it or had our own.  Now we have it back in the apartment so it'll be here when we move out, which means we have our furniture, the apartment furniture, and a mess of boxes.  It's craziness!
My already small kitchen getting smaller.
Books books books and more.
Tonight we officially can move in (we receive the keys), and we'll probably take a few things over tomorrow and then by Tuesday afternoon will be entirely moved!  Hooray!!

Tomorrow will be finishing up packing (half of the kitchen, our clothes, the curtains), dropping books off at the library (I don't want to lose books in the move), dropping off the recycling, and hitting up the store for certain essentials such as laundry detergent because I can finally do my laundry at my place!

It's a whirlwind over here.  We're working on internet for the new house but it might be a few days after Tuesday til I can get on and post some pictures!

But first, a picture of me and the kindergarteners.  They had their last day of school last week and I got to see them to say goodbye before we left for vacation.  I'll miss these little guys!
You can totally pick out the sweeties and the stinkers, can't you?  Love them all.


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