Saturday, June 12, 2010

vacation week

I'm back!!!

We had an amazing vacation - perfect amounts of activity (sand badminton, frisbee, walks to downtown and the beach) and relaxation (reading books, playing games, hanging out).  We saw Robin Hood in the theater (with $.75 popcorn!) for Dave's dad's birthday, ate tons of good food (including a birthday ice cream cake), and just laughed together.  I read 2 books and half of another, got an awesome shirtsleeve farmer's tan, and went for runs in the morning with the lake in view.  Glorious.

There were silly sibling pictures on the pier:
Beachy sunsets:
And ice cream from Sherman's to end it all.  I got the Tour of Sherman's - six sample scoops.  I picked mocha fudge, peppermint patty, birthday cake, yellow cake, peanut butter cup, and Sherman's tracks.  It was so stinkin delicious.
Dave got a towering almond joy sundae.
We came home and rested for a little bit, then I went out for dinner and fun with some amazing ladies to celebrate this beauty's upcoming wedding:
We stayed up til 2am, which was an incredible feat for me.  I slept in til 8:30 this morning and now am downing coffee and cheerios, anticipating a very sweaty humid run and then a day of packing with my dear friend, Stephanie.  We are feeling busy (we move Tuesday!!) but life is so good.

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  1. yay sounds like a great vacation! my mom and i stopped @ sherman's on the way back from STl. so good!


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