Tuesday, July 6, 2010

afternoon randoms

1.  I'm wearing a khaki skirt I bought from a garage sale for $3.
1a. I actually really hate garage sales.  Looking through junk does not inspire me.
1b. I'm jealous of those people who are always able to find awesome things at garage sales and then with a little spray paint wah-la, create a masterpiece.  I'm not patient enough to look through the junk to find the masterpiece.

2.  I spilled coffee all over my skirt and cardigan this morning during the first 20 minutes of my drive.  It all came out with the combined power of cold water, a paper towel, and a Tide pen.  Awesome!
2a.  I'm still listening to Lord of the Rings on CD.  Last book, but oh-so-slowly getting through it.  I actually don't like it as much as the others.  It seems slower.

3.  Dave and I have planned a no-house date night for later this week.  This means we don't talk about anything house-related and we don't shop for anything house-related.  We just hang out.  We did this when we were engaged, too - no-wedding date nights.  It's good to disengage from big stuff like that sometimes and to refocus. Because the truth is, the wedding, the house, whatever - it's not the be-all, end-all!  I'm so excited for a relaxing date night together - it feels like it's been awhile (in reality we had a date night last week at Lowe's... and a date night the week before with a movie at home).

4.  I *might* go running after work... we'll see.  It's currently 88 degrees outside!

That's all for now!


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