Tuesday, July 6, 2010

projects, part 2

Yesterday was another big work day with my mom and dad.  Dave and I are kind of amazed at everything that got done this weekend!  Dad put up another ceiling fan in the attic (now almost all the rooms in the house have fans!), cleaned the furnace vents, re-vented the dryer, built a shelf into the laundry chute (it dropped to the basement - not the laundry room), and plastered the wall in the stairway (the banister was pulling out of the wall).  I helped dad cut carpet for the laundry room.  One of the closets downstairs (which is all hardwood) was carpeted, so we pulled the carpet from there to use for the laundry room.  We wanted carpet to help control Mosie's litter-tracking - her box is tucked away in the corner of the laundry room.
We hung a beautiful picture that my friend Richele brought me back from Ghana - it's made entirely from sand and shells!
 We now have one entirely finished room!

While dad and Dave were working on all of that (and making trips to Menards), mom and I washed windows and windowsills and screens, sweepered and mopped the hardwood floors in the attic, took down the roman shades in the bedroom, washed them, then ironed them, rehung them, and resewed in the metal stays.  Mom peeled off stickers stuck to an attic doorframe while I picked up a scrub brush at the Dollar Store.  Then we washed down the porch swing we found in the upper part of the garage.  It was filthy... and I forgot to take a picture.  One will come later - when it's hung!

There were other projects, too, but I'm forgetting them now.  It was a busy day for sure, but so productive.   And the house keeps feeling cleaner, which I love.

I'm in the office today (boo) and I just want to be home!

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  1. i have so many of your blogs to catch up on! i'm trying to do that this holding and blog reading - not that easy (p.s. someone in my house is stinky...)


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