Monday, July 5, 2010


Dave and I are having trouble keeping up with the "old people."

On Saturday my mom, dad, aunt, and uncle all came to the house to visit and to help out.  We showed them the house, walked around downtown, weeded the yard, planted some flowers, ate out at Hacienda, and, oh yeah, dad disassembled the entire dryer.
Mosie helped.
We also made and ate fruit pizza.
And my aunt and uncle picked up a bunch of paint for Dave and I from Home Depot (bonus: we unknowingly bought our paint during the annual sale - we get $5 back on every gallon!)
We decided to go with Behr Premium Ultra paints, because Consumer Reports rated it the best.  We tend to use Consumer Reports for most everything - the sweeper, our new flashlight, lawn tools, the mower, etc.

My aunt and uncle left Saturday night and Sunday we went to church and a church picnic, then came home to work.  A new ceiling fan was installed in our bedroom.
The dryer was mostly reassembled (and fixed!) but still needs to be vented.  Previously it was vented right into the basement instead of outside... so dad is reworking that today.  Mom brought along her steam mop and I got to try it out on the floors.
And while dad and Dave put another ceiling fan in the attic, mom and I removed the ugly tree decal from one of the bedrooms.  Luckily it came right off with some water and scrubbing.  Before and after:
We had tempeh and kidney bean tacos with tomatoes and avocado and corn.
And then took mom and dad for ice cream just before it started to sprinkle.  There were other projects, too... we never stopped!  We went over to Dave's parents' house last night for popcorn and a movie and while all the parents stayed awake, Dave and I were sacked out on the couch by 9:30!  We even got to see a few fireworks on our walk back home.

I'm finishing my coffee and headed out for a short run.  Then it's back to work!


  1. wow, sounds like you had a super busy weekend! glad you got lots of projects done, though, and that the crazy tree decal came off!

  2. did you love the Haan steamer?


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