Saturday, July 3, 2010

color me pretty

Today's long run went short.  Around mile 10 I hit a major wall and all my energy ran out.  It wasn't just mentally tired or physically tired - I actually felt sleepy.  I checked in with myself before calling a stop, but decided that if I kept going I was probably going to be doing more walking than running, and since my day was already shaping up to be a busy one I should just head home and feel better about productivity if I couldn't feel better about running.  So I got in 11 miles.  I'll try to fit in the 17 elsewhere, or maybe just swap with next weekend.

I came home and made myself a green smoothie to re-energize... except I didn't have any spinach, so I used cabbage, a baby cucumber, a frozen banana, strawberries, and some yogurt I made (that for whatever reason this time didn't set up and stayed rather liquidy).
 It actually turned out pretty decent, although not quite as good as spinach.
Although about 2/3 of the way through it started getting a bizarre almost peppery taste?  My tongue was tingling.  I'll admit: I didn't finish it.

So while I was concocting sketchy drinks in the kitchen, Dave was up hanging out on the roof, cleaning gutters.
Do you like his hot blue gloves?  We picked those up at Lowe's.  But the gutters are clear now, except for the very top portion of the roof, which is too slanted to go out on.

And lastly we picked some paint colors for the house, with the help of Dave's sister, Julie.  She was so helpful in affirming our color ideas, helping us think through complementing paints, etc.  And now we have the colors we'll be working with!  (Not pictured: a silvery gray for Dave's office.)
I love the names of paint.  These are baja, chamois tan, sliced cucumber, mild mint, and crepe.  And really, none of the colors look that way in real life.  Thanks, camera!

I'm off to sweeper something... because I can!

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