Friday, July 2, 2010


Today started out nicely.  Laundry got hung on the line to dry,
chocolate chip workout bars were made,
and beans and lentils set to soakin'.
I had just settled out on the balcony to read for a bit (and get some sun) when I saw it.  The UPS truck.  "It's HERE!" I screamed to Dave as I scrambled downstairs.
Oh my word.  My very own sweeper!  I tore into the box.
I made sure to grab all the pieces.
Joy joy joy joy joy!

 I have an attachment for the stairs called The Power Claw.
Actually, for being a silly name it really does work well.

I sweepered the whole house, immediately.  Oh, how it needed it.  We think/hope it got sweepered before we moved in, but that was 2.5 weeks ago.  Add in moving dust, open windows, and a cat that is a notorious litter tracker (those cute six toes are total litter traps) and you have some filthy floors.  All that grittiness got sucked right up!  And now when my parents come this weekend my dad won't die of allergies.  Hooray!

Dave, for his part, patiently set aside his package so the sweepering could happen.
A 3 pack of electric weedwacker, blower, and hedge trimmer.  It's like we're grownups!

Tonight's date night... can this day get any better?


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