Friday, July 2, 2010


I got to spend a little time with my niece, Lydia, yesterday.  She was sweet and giggly, full of waves and piping up to say "hi!"  This girl has the sweetest little voice!
 Unfortunately for me, Lydia napped for most of the time I was there.  But it was so good to see her and hang out!

Then I headed over to Mishawaka to see my friend Steph.  Along the way I saw this:
Call me crazy, but this doesn't look particularly safe to me.

After Steph's I stopped by Home Depot to raid their paint cards... and picked up a stack about 2 inches thick.  Dave and I had falafel last night, for the first time, using a mix I got at the co-op.  Just add water, let stand, make into patties, and put under the broiler!
They were delicious, and probably would have been even moreso if we actually had toppings to put on them. We'll try again when the fridge is better stocked!

After dinner we tried to pick out some paint color ideas from the stack, and ended up with two or three for a couple of the rooms.  Dave's sister (an interior designer) is going to come over later today to give us some thoughts and feedback about our choices.  

Now I'm out for a run!

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  1. your niece is sooo adorable! aww, babies!! and I have had 2 boxes of falafel mix in my pantry for the past two months. you might just have inspired me to break them out.

    hope your inaugural run in the new Adrenalines was A+. any plans for the 4th?


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