Thursday, July 1, 2010

good morning

It was love at first run.
I had a beauty of a run with these bad boys this morning.  I'm in love with the weather this week!  My hips and legs definitely felt better this morning in these shoes than they did yesterday in the old ones.

And then I had a beauty of a breakfast this morning.
Roasted broccoli and edamame with garlic salt and nutritional yeast.  There is nothing better than starting the day with vegetables.  Seriously, give it a try.  It's surprisingly delicious!

I'm off to hang out with my beauty of a niece, Lydia!


  1. yay new running shoes...always SO exciting! I think it's almost time for me to switch out my shoes, too (I've had them since April).

    You are so hardcore, eating brocc for breakfast (although, ok.. I admit..sometimes I eat spinach in my oats). :-)

  2. Mmm! I love broccoli, I love breakfast and I love this idea!


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