Thursday, July 8, 2010

making mom proud

If you know my mom, you know that she is the ultimate at cooking, cleaning, and sewing.  I'm not kidding.  My mom's version of regular house cleaning is probably most people's idea of spring cleaning.  She's that good.  So today I made mom proud by attacking the laundry softener and bleach dispensers on the washer!

 And after a little bit of work with a rag and some q-tips:
I also have a plant that's been struggling for quite awhile.  My mom suggested cutting it all the way back to help revive it.  I'm not sure it looks much better, but maybe it will grow back fabulously!

As for the shower curtain, it is now stain-free and rehung.  Hooray!  There's also some fresh peanut butter and some peanut butter granola.  That peanut butter didn't happen without a fight though...

My dear little food processor appears to have bit the dust.  About a week or two ago Dave and I set about making banana soft serve, per the usual.  Except our frozen bananas are a lot firmer now that we have a properly insulated freezer.  Our food processor struggled and struggled but couldn't chop those nanners.  We moved on to the blender.  Since then, the food processor hasn't been able to do much of anything - even with softened bananas.  This morning I tried to make peanut butter and no-go.  The blades whir fine when the processor is empty, but if I put anything in they just don't have any gusto.  I was able to make the pb in the blender, so at least we don't have a peanut butter crisis and a food processor crisis.  The upside?  The food processor is from Bed Bath and Beyond and Dave and I learned a few months ago that they take anything back - even if you don't have a receipt or got it a year ago.  Guess we'll be making a trip that way soon!  The blender works fine but it's a lot harder to scrape out... and when it comes to peanut butter and banana ice cream, I want every last bit of it.

There's laundry to do and meals to make and sweet potato fries to consume!  And maybe a reading break on the new porch swing!

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  1. have fun in PA with the girls....take lots of pictures!


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