Monday, August 2, 2010

Christmas come early

Marathon shirts are here!!
The people at running chics SO generously threw in a couple extra things for Kel and I for our marathon!  The tshirts are adorable (there's even a little running chics logo detail at the bottom hem on the back of the shirt).  They fit great and are crazy soft.  It's probably going to take convincing to get me out of these shirts for running or hanging out.  So so so comfy.  I'll wear one on my run tomorrow and let you know how it wears for running, too.  And I'll give the headband a try - goodness knows I have issues getting headbands to stay on my head, so it'll be a true test!

A couple pictures from Canada - although these are kind of lame since they're only the car trip there.  Once in Canada I left my camera in our room the entire time while we played and hung out.  Whoops!

Our drive there involved - of course - frozen yogurt with reese's pb cups.
Waiting to cross the bridge to Canada... (45 minute wait on the way into Canada.  90 minute wait on the way back to the USA.  Not fun.)
International travelers.
The gorgeousness we were surrounded by for the weekend.  We loooooved running out on these rolling country roads!
It was a fantastic weekend - a giant group run, lots of kids darting around, some singing and music, rock climbing, s'mores, playing games, kick boxing, awesome food, porch reading time, and talking.  This was my first time meeting a lot of Dave's extended family and it was just so fun.  I felt right at home - like it was "our" family, not "his" family.  I love that.

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Do you have family reunions?  Do you enjoy them?


  1. cute shirts!

    ummm..that froyo looks aaaamazing!

  2. Oh my God, that frozen yogurt looks so good. Here in Spain they don't believe in the chocolate/peanut butter combination. So, so sad. But in just 4 days I too will be eating Reese's pb cups!


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