Thursday, September 23, 2010

pre-drive trail run

Dave and I got on the road early yesterday morning, anticipating a stop at Natural Tunnel State Park in Duffield, VA.  We wanted to get some exploring and a trail run in before the long drive home.  The park itself was about an hour from my parents' place and on our drive home, so it worked out really well!

We were greeted in the parking lot by a cat.  Dave was thrilled.
We first ran down to the bottom of the gorge, where a natural tunnel had been carved in the rock by the wind/nature.  Lucky for us a train came through right then, too!
The tunnel is at the bottom of a cliff called Lover's Leap, named after two Indians of warring tribes who fell in love, then tossed themselves over the side since they couldn't be together.
That's a pretty sucky way to die.

We ran a little further and found an old cabin, so we went inside.  It was crazy dark so we couldn't really see anything.  Still, proof we were there:
We hiked back up and then ran around the rim of the gorge, going about 4 miles and seeing four deer!  We got great views of the gorge and the tunnel, plus all the mountains and trees!
 Sweaty and tired (we're so unaccustomed to hills!) we got back in the car and began the long trek home.

After a short stop at Kroger, numerous bathroom breaks, and nothing else much eventful, we made it home!

Unfortunately, it's right back in the car for me this morning.  I'm headed back down to work.  So not excited to be in the car again!


  1. Is this near Backbone something or other... We would go to Backbone (can't think of the rest) when we lived in Bristol... it had this awesome rung ladder that you could climb up and down into the gorge... looked like this place.

  2. Figured it out... Backbone Rock in the Cherokee National Forest.

  3. What a beautiful run! And love the organe tabby. Aww. What would Mosie think?!

  4. The race seems so interesting and challenging. The event is tough and looks everyone is happy to it. Good post too.



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