Monday, March 22, 2010

Gmorning, Monday.

Remember those pretty yellow flowers Dave bought me for my office cubicle?

They apparently need a little more sunshine and less fluorescence.
Poor little things.

It's been a slow morning.  I drank a green smoothie on the way down, but I didn't have as much spinach as I thought, so the smoothie was smaller than normal.  That, coupled with cubicle boredom and a longish run last night, makes for a hungry Kim.  I've already eaten two carrot pb cookies (I've decided I really love them) and an apple and I'm anxiously anticipating 11:30AM (lunch!!!).  The university cafeteria has a surprisingly awesome salad bar (with fantastic hummus, too) that I can't wait to dig in to!  And maybe the ice cream machine, as well...

How is your Monday?  I'm looking forward to getting out of the office and going for a run later, then hanging out with friends!

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