Friday, May 14, 2010


I always have a strange appetite after a long, long run.  As in I'm not really hungry but I'm hungry but I don't know what sounds good.  Can you relate?  Anyhow, so far today my refueling food has been VERY random: banana, carrot fries, applesauce, cottage cheese with strawberry jelly, water water and more water.  Random, right?  Typically what happens is that later tonight or tomorrow morning I will get HUNGRY and then want to eat a lot of stuff, still not really knowing what.  Strange strange.

In any case, I'm cooking up some black and kidney beans for dinner tonight.  Pairing those with some eggs and cheese and rolling them up in tortillas with salsa... delicious breakfasty burritos perfect for protein refueling (and for fridges full of random ingredients).

Technically I should go walk some errands - to the bank, the library, and CVS... but the couch and Mosie are much more welcoming... plus I have those beans to tend to!

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  1. I always feel not hungry but hungry too after a long run. And I don't want to eat. I usually get more hungry the next day!


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