Sunday, July 25, 2010

house day

Dave and I took care of some essential house errands yesterday.  First up: mattress shopping!  On the way there I took a nap.
I love sleeping in the car.

We found mattress shopping to be a really strange experience.  You lay around on beds while talking to the sales associate.  It's just kind of weird.  We felt a little bit like creepers.  But apparently not so creepy because we took a picture.
We left the mattress store without purchasing and hit up McDonalds for free smoothie samples.
Verdict: cold and refreshing, insanely sweet.  I'm guessing there is a heavy heavy amount of sugar in these babies.  They're more dessert than anything.

Then we returned something to Gap and I found a pair of jeans for $15.  Woohoo!  We also took my broken food processor over to Bed Bath and Beyond and got a brand new one.  Yay!

At this point we decided we did indeed want to purchase the mattress we had been debating on.  We went back and bought it, then Dave did his part in my run-recovery process.
Popcorn from Target!  Super salty!

We came home and laid low for a little bit, then did some yardwork before bed - picking up sticks, sweeping, mowing.  It was h-o-t.

We have a big day today - church, the 4H county fair parade, and a painting party at our house!!

1 comment:

  1. i want to see 4H pics!

    also, I can't believe you like napping in the car. I always get the worst neck kinks. ugh.


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